Brokerage Roadmap

What Storm Yachting will do for you in a yacht sale and purchase

1. We market your boat on the yacht marketing websites through advertising, mailing and personal network free of charge.
2. We find the right buyer for your boat, managing and negotiating the sale
3. We check and validate the title, registration papers and the status of the boats
4. We check and validate VAT status of the vessels as well as clarifying if there is any lien, encumbrance or finance on the vessel
5. We help to arrange compliance with the boat certificates (Classification, CE compliance certificate, Declaration of conformity etc) where applicable
6. We have a Client Account where deposited funds are held in trust during the boat purchase
7. We arrange the survey and sea trial dates by mutual agreement with all parties
8. We put together all sale documentation listed under the Purchase Agreement prior to completion.
9. We make sure the buyer takes delivery of the vessel upon the completion.

The most important basic principles of buying or selling second-hand boats are as follows:

1. Checking boat certificates
2. Signing the contract between seller and buyer;
3. Deposit transfer from the buyer to the Broker’s client account.
4. Survey/Sea trial; Or ”As is where is” based contract
5. Acceptance or rejection process
6. Completion of the Sale documents (Bill Of Sale, Deletion Certificate etc..) The broker holds in trust these original documents until final payment confirmation by the seller.
7. Final Payment transfer by the buyer to the Seller’s bank account.
8. Delivery process of the boat and boat documents to the new owner.

The Process When Selling Your Vessel Through Storm Yachting

1. The Broker and the Seller are to sign a Listing Agreement– which may give sole rights (CENTRAL LISTING AGREEMENT) to the Broker to list the boat or may allow the seller to advertise the boat also with another broker (OPEN LISTING AGREEMENT)
2. Upon signing of the agreement between the Seller and Storm Yachting , the Seller gives authorisation to Storm Yachting to market the vessel.
3. The Broker checks the title, obtains title docs/ VAT/ RCD evidence/ Finance and inventory check etc..
4. Storm Yachting is responsible of showing the vessel to potential buyers If the potential buyer is satisfied with the vessel’s condition He/She makes an offer. Broker passes this offer to the seller.
5. Subject to Contract, Survey and Sea trial or As seen where is
6. Buyer’s Deposit paid to the broker to hold in designated Client Trust Account as a stakeholder for seller/buyer.
7. Survey and sea-trial conducted. If the condition of the boat is not satisfactory for the buyer. Buyer may in certain circumstances withdraw from the purchase and recover his deposit. (If the contract is subject to ‘’As seen Where is’’ pass this section)
8. Broker prepares the documents to be signed by the seller, shows the way and steps to the seller for preparing the Bill Of Sale and Deletion Certificate. In some case, the seller may give a power of attorney to the broker for managing these steps. Even so, the seller pays the necessary expenses.
9. Once the seller’s received the final payment from the buyer to his/her bank account, the broker delivers the boat, boat’s inventory and sale documents to the buyer.

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